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Team and partnership coaching Team and partnership coaching

Team and partnership coaching Team coaching is a very different approach to coaching individuals. The details matter less (although if you are curious, just ask!) than knowing it is about applying the right tools/skills for what is needed. Team coaching is aimed at working with two or more people in relationship. Many of the challenges that my […]

Blogs, partnerships & social media Blogs, partnerships & social media

Blogs, partnerships and social media I believe that we all deserve to love the work we do and that through individual and team coaching, I can play a part in revolutionizing the work place.  I believe we can all find work that is truly fulfilling. I believe that self-discovery and increased self-awareness makes us better […]

Executive coaching Executive coaching

Executive coaching My passion and focus is coaching leadership – anyone in or stepping into a leadership role. Companies seldom need more technology or process to get that “edge”. What makes the difference is how the senior team leads. And what influences that is the leadership competencies of this team. Strong leadership teams translate directly into […]


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28 September

Why the word ‘fine’ is bad for your relationships

There are few words so inadequate in the English language as ‘fine’ and ‘nice’. ‘Nice’ usually occurs as an adjective where is does less damage than ‘fine’. “What shall I get from the shops?” “How about some nice bread for lunch?” “Nice bread? You mean instead of the shitty bread that I usually buy?” Read […]

24 November

In favour of seclusion

I’ve been working with a CEO of a startup for some months now, and in recent sessions, he’s been displaying signs of burnout. Having completed a round of funding, he took himself and his partner off to the Scottish highlands. He came back more relaxed, and delighted at what was a forced – if unintended […]

4 August

Why your late night emails are a problem for your team

  We live in a world of unprecedented opportunity and we are brought up being told that life’s rewards will be ours if we work hard. This is all supported by the discourse in the media and in politics. Last year, a well-known UK politician told the British public that “there’s only one growth strategy: […]

28 June

Four lessons from a digital detox weekend

Having been in the tech sector since its early days (I learnt assembly code at university and was proud owner of one of the early Hotmail email accounts in the mid 90s), I’ve developed some good boundaries with technology. I never do emails on holiday, on the weekend or after 7pm in the evening. I […]

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What the clients are saying

  • Aleema Shivji, CEO, Handicap International

    I thought I was doing just fine, but it’s only after a year of Catherine’s support that I realise what an impact coaching can have on someone’s life. I’ve grown as a person, and as a leader and have gained so many tools to continue this scary journey alone now.


    - Aleema Shivji, CEO, Handicap International
  • Michael Harris, Group head of IT, Tokio Marine Kiln

    Catherine’s ‘magic’ has certainly helped me unlock the unlockable and move in a new direction and reach places I have not been before.

    - Michael Harris, Group head of IT, Tokio Marine Kiln
  • Jan-Phillippe Kruip, CEO Fitsense

    With a great sense of empathy, intellect and humour, she helped me increase my level of self-awareness. As a result, I have more clarity, purpose and confidence in my decisions-taking, and I am tapping my intuition much more strategically – like an asset.


    - Jan-Phillippe Kruip, CEO Fitsense
  • Charlie Hanna, VP of Sales, ExpeWeb LLC

    With Catherine, everything seems natural and with such logical wisdom it is almost as if this has been her lifelong calling. I can say without the slightest hesitation that her coaching can truly inspire better performing, happier leadership teams. I am a better person in the workplace because of Catherine. She is truly special.


    - Charlie Hanna, VP of Sales, ExpeWeb LLC
  • Ramona Liberoff, CEO, Spring Accelerator

    Catherine was my trusted advisor and coach during a year of transition following a redundancy. It was a very challenging time where she provided exactly the right balance of support, reflection and momentum. Her intelligence, empathy and humor, as well as well structured frameworks, were exactly what I needed to make a leap into the unknown, change sector and secure a desired role. I recommend her very highly to anyone particularly senior leaders.


    - Ramona Liberoff, CEO, Spring Accelerator
  • Gobi Rajaram, Chief Product Officer, Lebara

    Coaching with Catherine is like having a discussion with a friend who genuinely tries to understand the real me and help try to connect the external world to my core values. Through working with her, I’ve built trust with my colleagues which has been a critical step in my career


    - Gobi Rajaram, Chief Product Officer, Lebara
  • Yaneek Page, Entrepreneur

    What has been so valuable is Catherine’s advice, ideas & insights. This is game-changing for me. I can’t emphasize it enough.


    - Yaneek Page, Entrepreneur
  • Founder of tech startup, United Kingdom

    “Catherine is the Dr Spock of coaching. She is so hard hitting in her understanding of the topic and just spot on.”


    - Founder of tech startup, United Kingdom
  • Jo Hind, Founder of Birdsoup

    Catherine enabled me and my business partner to develop our proposition, deal with our anxieties and find our brand essence. The process enabled is to voice our fears in a supportive environment and got us to a much bolder braver place than we would have reached without her.

    - Jo Hind, Founder of Birdsoup
  • Lewin Chan, Chief Architect, Adaptris

    Catherine was brilliant because she pushed me to evaluate myself in different contexts that I hadn’t considered. I would recommend her to people who don’t think coaching works but want to improve; and/or people who consider themselves rational and logical decision makers.

    - Lewin Chan, Chief Architect, Adaptris
  • Jeannie, Business Director, United Kingdom

    “I am inspired by her style of coaching. Catherine challenges limiting self-belief and personal blocks to moving forward in an empowering way, enabling you to seek answers and actions that will support you to overcome these and move forward. I have made significant changes to my life whilst working with Catherine and with her support have managed to maintain these.”

    - Jeannie, Business Director, United Kingdom