About Catherine

I’ve spent over twenty years in the technology industry with the last ten in the insurance sector. My computer science degree gave me a great foundation for this work. It also taught me analysis skills, how to prioritise and the importance of focus. I’ve developed software, managed development projects and budgeted and strategized. I’ve lead teams, mentored staff, brainstormed and had a few of those “hard conversations”.

In the last three years, I created a successful European team for a global boutique research and consulting firm. In this team, I advised software companies on business strategy, product roadmaps and go-to-market plans. I supported insurance IT departments on what software best suited their future requirements. And at times, I provided advice to venture capital firms looking to make investments in our sector. We also put on our own events and created the first awards event for insurance technology in the United Kingdom.

So I know what it’s like to be driven to achieve results, to be slave to emails, and to balance company politics and outcomes. I understand the sheer joy of bringing in that big contract, and the immense satisfaction of delivering an awesome piece of consulting work. I’ve lived through acquisitions and downsizing.

I’ve also learnt the hard way that there is more to life than work. I love cycling, trying out new things, writing (badly) and bake (rather well). I followed my heart to move continents. I’ve lost close ones, discovered new ones. Depression found me and I managed to lose it.
If the last twenty years have been about technology, this chapter is  about people. Through experience I’ve come to realize that powerful, awesome leadership is not something we are born with but rather something we can develop and nurture. Coaching is an important element in encouraging and enabling people to tap into their true leadership abilities. My vision is to play a small part of a global movement to support authentic and inspiring leaders.

I believe strongly that we all need our own support structures, and mine includes my own awesome coach and a supervisor. I see personal development as an on-going journey with many station stops and am continuously reading, attending workshops and courses.

I am trained and certified by the Coaches Training Institute as well as trained by CRR Global in Systems and Team coaching. I am certified in the Leadership Circle Profile – an excellent 360 feedback tool which I often use a launch into executive coaching.

CPCC_LOGOl  Leadership Circle Profile