About Belgrave Street

Belgrave Street was the quiet little street where I grew up in a sleepy suburb of Johannesburg in South Africa. The link to my heritage is intended to reflect the deeply personal nature of coaching. Coaching is about changing behaviour to serve what we want in life be that a promotion, confidence or better relationships.

The mission of Belgrave Street is to create inspiring, authentic leadership in the technology industry. It is no longer technology or even capital that holds firms back. Firms are constrained by  the underinvestment in leadership and the teams. Inspiring leaders create happy workplaces where staff are more creative and productive. It just makes good business sense.

Belgrave Street’s offering includes team workshops and individual coaching.  It’s through this collaboration that people will be able to tap into their true potential as leaders and as teams and bring back the purpose at work. It will be through courageous  conversations about the purpose of the business, investment in the leadership competencies and team effectiveness that businesses can regain their edge.

Much of the work to date has been focused on coaching in the software and financial services industries.  I have over twenty years of commercial experience in the technology sector where I advised and supported senior leaders in strategy, investments and due diligence.

Belgrave Street works with a select group of associates depending on what is required in each engagement. The company provides facilitation, team coaching and individual coaching.  Workshops can be created to address a specific requirement – such as team vision/values, team culture, team alignment and confidence building.

The company is based in the United Kingdom and has clients around the world.