28 September

Why the word ‘fine’ is bad for your relationships

There are few words so inadequate in the English language as ‘fine’ and ‘nice’. ‘Nice’ usually occurs as an adjective where is does less damage than ‘fine’. “What shall I get from the shops?” “How about some nice bread for lunch?” “Nice bread? You mean instead of the shitty bread that I usually buy?” Read […]

24 November

In favour of seclusion

I’ve been working with a CEO of a startup for some months now, and in recent sessions, he’s been displaying signs of burnout. Having completed a round of funding, he took himself and his partner off to the Scottish highlands. He came back more relaxed, and delighted at what was a forced – if unintended […]

4 August

Why your late night emails are a problem for your team

  We live in a world of unprecedented opportunity and we are brought up being told that life’s rewards will be ours if we work hard. This is all supported by the discourse in the media and in politics. Last year, a well-known UK politician told the British public that “there’s only one growth strategy: […]

28 June

Four lessons from a digital detox weekend

Having been in the tech sector since its early days (I learnt assembly code at university and was proud owner of one of the early Hotmail email accounts in the mid 90s), I’ve developed some good boundaries with technology. I never do emails on holiday, on the weekend or after 7pm in the evening. I […]

6 May

4 tips on how to make the best of team conference calls

Virtual meetings bring out strange behaviours in us– behaviours that we wouldn’t tolerate in person. My first ever exposure to a conference call was back in the early part of last decade whilst working for a global broker – and I wasn’t even on the call. I had a meeting with a senior executive, and […]

26 February

Productivity Hack and Frogs

Over the years, I’ve learnt several ways of allowing myself to be more productive. I create most important lists each day (Thanks to Leo Babuata – Zen habits – for the idea), turn off notifications on everything (although Apple likes to turn them back on) and don’t have mail running as a background app. I was intrigued […]

11 January

Mindfulness as a superpower

Mindfulness is very much headline news nowadays. It even made the front cover of Time Magazine in 2014.  I’ve come to realise the power of some form of mindfulness practice for myself and my coaching clients. I am also aware that the term can bring up all sorts of negative associations or challenges like sitting still […]

10 December
9 November

Why busy is a state of mind

My first experience of busy-ness as a status symbol was when I worked at an investment bank in South Africa. Getting into a lift one evening, an occupant in the lift asked another how they were doing. “Crazy busy!” was the response. They proceeded to share just how busy they both were. It seemed like […]

30 October

Are you lost?

I find solace and inspiration in equal mix in poetry. It’s hard to go looking for poems that become your favourites. They seem to find you. This was shared by a friend last month in a conversation where we spoke about finding meaning and sense in live. It’s a poem that begs to be read out loud. […]