15 September

The tyranny of email and why going off-line is so hard to do

I went on holiday in August. The holiday was part staycation, part travel. I visited St-Petersburg in Russia. What an amazing city, and only 2.5 hours flight from London. What I hadn’t expected was how hard it would be to be off line! Many of you will know my views on managing the digital invasion […]

4 September

Quote for the week from Wayne Dyer

  “We must bask in the magnificence of what is seen and sensed, instead of always memorizing and categorizing.”  

30 July

Cease and desist those comparisons!

In a conversation with a senior actuary, he shared that he was motivated by status. What he wanted next was a bigger house and bigger car and a better holiday. He already had a great house, car and set of holiday plans but he wanted more. His version of a successful life was heavily influenced […]

3 July

New offering: Team and Partnership coaching

I’m a believer in my own personal development and in expanding the complementary offerings of Belgrave Street. For many years, I’ve been drawn to systemic thinking to explain how we interact with each other across society. Many of the challenges that my individual clients face are how to be in better relationships with others. With this […]

23 June

Before I die….

This picture was taken in London by a talented friend of mine, Michal Dzierza. Check out the wonderful TED talk by the artist behind the original idea of a wall such as this. Candy Chang talks briefly and eloquently about the power of public spaces and how we can use them to encourage us to […]

12 May

Sexism exists – let’s stop being surprised but keep talking

  Via social media this week, I came across a Tumblr blog, “Sh-t People Say to Women Directors”. It makes for compelling reading if only for the openness and honesty of the storytellers. I’d read one story then find myself having to read another. Then another. And of course there is a sister blog for the tech […]

1 April

What can possible be good about getting angry?

  We all have difficulties being around certain emotions – and it’s usually the strong ones. For some, watching people cry is to heart wrenching and their immediate response is to do anything to stop the crying. For others, it’s pain. For me, it’s anger. To be in the company of other people who are […]

5 March

Being present and mindful matters

Being present is one of those key life skills that doesn’t get much airtime. What is it to be present? It is to be in the here and now. We get called away from the present with our thoughts in the past and the future. If you are like me, walking the dog, shopping or […]

4 February

Why flexibility matters

I love this probably apocryphal story about flexibility. There are times we get to resolutely stick in being right, that we can’t see any other perspective.   An armada of the US Navy was engaged in naval exercises off the coast of Canada when the following radio exchange as recorded:   #1 “Please divert your […]

27 January

Five things to start doing this January

  Here some things you can do to really kick-off the year: Say goodbye to 2014 properly. At this time of year, we spend a lot of time looking forward, and planning what next. This is great but we miss the opportunity to reflect and learn about the last twelve months. Write down on a […]