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I believe that we all deserve to love the work we do and that through individual and team coaching, I can play a part in revolutionizing the work place.  I believe we can all find work that is truly fulfilling. I believe that self-discovery and increased self-awareness makes us better people. I believe in co-creating the space we work in.  I believe in the power of conversation to change.

I write a lot as it’s a means of processing what’s going on for me and to share my views and perspectives on things. On my blog, I write about personal development, leadership, and the practice of being human at work. As a guest blogger on CIO.UK and Insurance Innovation Reporter, I focus on issues of senior IT leaders with a particular angle on leading people and oneself in a corporation.

I am the coaching partner to WeAreExponential – a network for technology people in Silicon Roundabout in the United Kingdom.

I am also a judge for CIO Magazine’s prestigious top 100 UK CIO award for 2015.

Want to know more about me? Check out Linkedin Profile or my About page. Listen to the interview by Viv Oyolu on Dream Corner explaining what drew me to change my career and move into coaching. Or listen to my interview by Keith Baldwin in Alaska on Employee engagement and happiness at work.