Bringing in the new year



January is a month where many people I know abstain from drink and other vices and make a run at other resolutions made with the best will post the Christmas excess. I’m not one for making new years resolutions. I decided many years ago that my spectacular failure to achieve almost any resolutions made in the dark days of December was an indication that the whole process was flawed.

Like you, I know what I should be aiming to do – loose weight, eat more green vegetables, and put more money into my pension pot. Do any of these excite me? Heck no… and so it’s no wonder I never achieve them.

As humans, we are compelled to move towards that which fulfills us. And eating a more balanced diet just doesn’t crack that requirement.

There is another approach to the New Year that is more positive and likely to bring the results you want. Like winter, the end of the year is a time of metaphorical hibernation and reflection. We get to choose what we carry into the New Year and it’s this process that captures what makes our heart soar with excitement.

So ask your self these value centered questions:

What is it I want more of this year?

What is it that matters to me?

What do I want less of?

What do I want to exclude this year? 

What do I want to include in this year?

Traditional New Year’s resolutions can be fraught with their implied judgment and measure of how we think we ought to be in the world. What we resolve to do it often more about other people’s agendas than our own.

It’s self-compassion we need this January and not more self-criticism and implied judgment. Be at choice in 2015 with what you want more of and what you want less of.

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