6 May

4 tips on how to make the best of team conference calls

Virtual meetings bring out strange behaviours in us– behaviours that we wouldn’t tolerate in person. My first ever exposure to a conference call was back in the early part of last decade whilst working for a global broker – and I wasn’t even on the call. I had a meeting with a senior executive, and […]

11 January

Mindfulness as a superpower

Mindfulness is very much headline news nowadays. It even made the front cover of Time Magazine in 2014.  I’ve come to realise the power of some form of mindfulness practice for myself and my coaching clients. I am also aware that the term can bring up all sorts of negative associations or challenges like sitting still […]

15 September

The tyranny of email and why going off-line is so hard to do

I went on holiday in August. The holiday was part staycation, part travel. I visited St-Petersburg in Russia. What an amazing city, and only 2.5 hours flight from London. What I hadn’t expected was how hard it would be to be off line! Many of you will know my views on managing the digital invasion […]

12 May

Sexism exists – let’s stop being surprised but keep talking

  Via social media this week, I came across a Tumblr blog, “Sh-t People Say to Women Directors”. It makes for compelling reading if only for the openness and honesty of the storytellers. I’d read one story then find myself having to read another. Then another. And of course there is a sister blog for the tech […]

5 March

Being present and mindful matters

Being present is one of those key life skills that doesn’t get much airtime. What is it to be present? It is to be in the here and now. We get called away from the present with our thoughts in the past and the future. If you are like me, walking the dog, shopping or […]

29 September

Finding meaning and purpose in our lives

  My client had three options for a new job but she finds herself stuck. She’s just turned 50 and wants to retire by the turn of the next decade so making money is an important goal for her. Of the three options, she’s ambivalent about one, bored with the second, and excited by the […]

17 July

The wisdom in our bodies and why it matters

  If you can see it, you can manage it. If you can’t see it, you will be managed by it – Bob Anderson A few weeks back, I had a conversation with someone important to me. The conversation started in the land of easy and checking in with each other. Then one comment from my […]

19 June

How overwhelm brought me to a new to-do list system

    I’m an organizer and planner so I do love a good to-do list. Ask my friends and family and they will tell you I am a safe pair of hands – things get done when I am involved. But in the last year, my to-do list has increasingly become unruly and I felt […]

11 June

Assumptions – and how they are the undoing of us all

In a workshop last week, a senior manager realized that she’d been holding onto a serious assumption about the sales department. Unconsciously, she had assumed that sales people were so different from the rest of the company (mostly developers), and that they weren’t interested in participating in certain company initiatives aimed at improving staff engagement. […]

23 April

Canaries in the mine – Why candid conversations really matter

  I was talking with a CEO about his staff engagement survey that he runs on an annual basis. The recent results were poor and in fact, he and his team were rather shocked by the strong negative themes coming from the results. I asked about the company mission and how that was being communicated. […]