18 March

Why it matters that we bring all of ourselves to work

  Do you bring your full, messy, glorious human self to work? I often don’t. But I really want to. I realize that I’ve had this strongly held belief for many years that you couldn’t bring your full self to work — as it wasn’t the done thing. In fact, you’d probably be punished for […]

5 December

The impact of real leadership – and why we need a new definition

  In a recent conversation over tapas in Barcelona, I got into a heated discussion about who was responsible for the deadlock in the US government.  It took me several minutes to realise that the way I was using the term “leadership” was very different to that of my colleague. For him, Obama was the […]

27 November

Managing versus leading – and how to know the difference

 This post first appeared as a guest blog in Insurance Innovation Reporter in September 2013.   “You manage things; you lead people” Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper Imagine an 18th century English cotton mill. The roles of the workers, supervisors and the boss were clear.  The owner had the vision for the business, developed strategic partnerships, […]

16 October

The power of storytelling

  “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou Aristotle’s model of influence balances the use logic (logos), emotional connection (pathos) and personal credibility (ethos) to persuade others. The tech industry has an excellent ability to highlight and expand of […]

8 October

Measuring your impact do you want to know how others experience you?

Feedback is essential to our own personal growth yet is often overlooked. This is the second of two blog posts discussing two distinct types of feedback are important tools in your career. The other post can be found here What really matters is not what we think our impact is on the world, but how […]

27 September

The magic of listening or how to replace one way communication with a conversation

“Seek first to understand then to be understood” Stephen R. Covey How well do you listen? Really? A recent conversation with an HR director reminded me of the importance of listening. The staff engagement survey results were in and they weren’t good. There was a big gap between what management saw as the company culture […]

10 September

It is time we leant back more!

  At what point in our recent history of all things technically cool did email become the problem? As an early adopter, I remember having a Hotmail account back in the mid 90s (when Hotmail was still a little independent company). My tech friends and I were the only ones who had “internet” email at […]

30 August

Here’s to the revolutionaries!

  Don’t tell my mother but I’ve joined the revolutionaries. I’ve signed up to the movement/campaign called the Work Revolution. Their manifesto aligns to much with what I believe is important and what influences what I am doing. The Work Revolution movement is about designing life-giving places to work.  The Work Revolution campaign believes business exists […]

8 July

What research into successful marriages can teach us about high-performing teams

  In the late 80s, the secret to a successful marriage was unlocked. John Gottman’s research showed that the difference between couples who flourished and those who did not was the balance between positive to negative interactions – and that this magic ratio was 5:1. For every unpleasant remark, for every negative thought and disappointment, […]

24 June

How to build trust in teams – by showing up fully as yourself

  It perplexes me just how much we leave of ourselves at the door when we go to work. We put on our serious grown-up faces, as we get dressed and play that role for much of the day. Have you ever watched young children role-playing as grown-ups? It’s all in the serious mask they […]