5 November

Five tips for successful networking

One of the sage pieces of advice my father gave me as a teenager contemplating my career was to develop my networking skills. I didn’t understand what he meant and it would take several years before the brilliance of his advice would sink in. It really is about who you know. Social media makes it […]

8 October

Five tips on choosing the right leadership coach for you

      For many of us, having a coach is a new experience. I know it was for me. When I went coach-shopping, I used a pot-luck approach to selecting a coach – that is I spoke to one person, who I liked so I signed up! Fortunately for me it turned out well […]

19 June

How overwhelm brought me to a new to-do list system

    I’m an organizer and planner so I do love a good to-do list. Ask my friends and family and they will tell you I am a safe pair of hands – things get done when I am involved. But in the last year, my to-do list has increasingly become unruly and I felt […]

1 April

Learning how to disconnect from email – how the off button made all the difference

  A few weeks back, I received an email from Mark. At the bottom of the email was a line that caught my attention: Please note that I check my e-mails once per day, often in the morning. If you need a response before tomorrow, please call me on my phone. Phones are more fun […]

14 January

Owning our story – why we need to fall in love with our story

  For a view on storytelling in organisations, see my other post The power of storytelling.  Come then, and let us pass a leisure hour in storytelling, and our story shall be the education of our heroes  — Plato Let’s talk about storytelling in the context of our own lives. We tell stories every day […]

6 January

Paying it forward – advice I was given as a youngster that’s worth sharing

  I am one of those people that fell out of university into her first job with little thought and had a great time doing so. Shocking but true. And yet I’ve been very fortunate to have the career and experiences I have had. As a youngster, I was offered a few pieces of advice […]

27 November

Managing versus leading – and how to know the difference

 This post first appeared as a guest blog in Insurance Innovation Reporter in September 2013.   “You manage things; you lead people” Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper Imagine an 18th century English cotton mill. The roles of the workers, supervisors and the boss were clear.  The owner had the vision for the business, developed strategic partnerships, […]

8 October

Measuring your impact do you want to know how others experience you?

Feedback is essential to our own personal growth yet is often overlooked. This is the second of two blog posts discussing two distinct types of feedback are important tools in your career. The other post can be found here What really matters is not what we think our impact is on the world, but how […]

20 September

Six use cases for coaching in your company

  This blog post will be part of a series on what/where/when/why coaching. In this post, I explore at the points and triggers to call in a coach. Google’s Eric Schmidt speaks openly about having a coach and says it was the best advice he was given in his career. I agree with him – […]

5 August

How happy are you at work?

  Last week, I had dinner with a smart, talented and funny friend of mine. He arrived at dinner with a dark cloud hanging over him. On exploring with him what was going on, it was clear he wasn’t happy at work. He’s part of a startup where he feels undervalued, and not supported. Deadlines […]