26 February

Productivity Hack and Frogs

Over the years, I’ve learnt several ways of allowing myself to be more productive. I create most important lists each day (Thanks to Leo Babuata – Zen habits – for the idea), turn off notifications on everything (although Apple likes to turn them back on) and don’t have mail running as a background app. I was intrigued […]

1 April

What can possible be good about getting angry?

  We all have difficulties being around certain emotions – and it’s usually the strong ones. For some, watching people cry is to heart wrenching and their immediate response is to do anything to stop the crying. For others, it’s pain. For me, it’s anger. To be in the company of other people who are […]

5 March

Being present and mindful matters

Being present is one of those key life skills that doesn’t get much airtime. What is it to be present? It is to be in the here and now. We get called away from the present with our thoughts in the past and the future. If you are like me, walking the dog, shopping or […]

12 January

Bringing in the new year

  January is a month where many people I know abstain from drink and other vices and make a run at other resolutions made with the best will post the Christmas excess. I’m not one for making new years resolutions. I decided many years ago that my spectacular failure to achieve almost any resolutions made […]

23 October

The death of conversations may not be exaggerated

  This week, a set of photos went viral on the website BoredPanda.  The London photographer, Babycakesromero takes snaps of what he sees around town. He put together a collection of photos of people absorbed in their phones whilst in the company of others. One of them is the photo above. My view as to why it […]

2 September

8 tips to simplify your life

    Simple in actions and in thoughts, you return to the source of being – Lao Tzu Twenty-four hours in the day is usually not enough time for most of us. How do we find time for ourselves? The simplification tips I offer here may appear to border on the mundane. We can look […]

19 June

How overwhelm brought me to a new to-do list system

    I’m an organizer and planner so I do love a good to-do list. Ask my friends and family and they will tell you I am a safe pair of hands – things get done when I am involved. But in the last year, my to-do list has increasingly become unruly and I felt […]

30 April

Let us choose compassion when faced with other’s mental illness

This blog is inspired by my friend who coming to terms with her depression with courage and grace. May the world be a more compassionate place to support your understanding, acceptance and recovery. There are several taboo topics in both life and the workplace. Along with politics, religion and sex, any discussion about mental illness […]

23 April

Canaries in the mine – Why candid conversations really matter

  I was talking with a CEO about his staff engagement survey that he runs on an annual basis. The recent results were poor and in fact, he and his team were rather shocked by the strong negative themes coming from the results. I asked about the company mission and how that was being communicated. […]

1 April

Learning how to disconnect from email – how the off button made all the difference

  A few weeks back, I received an email from Mark. At the bottom of the email was a line that caught my attention: Please note that I check my e-mails once per day, often in the morning. If you need a response before tomorrow, please call me on my phone. Phones are more fun […]