20 February

Doubt kills more dreams than failure will

  In the last year, I’ve spoken to many folk in the corporate happiness industry who really want to create positive and happy workplaces. One of these folk doing amazing work in this area with startups is Laurence McCahill. At the Happy Startup School (who doesn’t want to work at a company with a name […]

27 January

Living in the present

  A few years back I spent a magical few days in the African bush with a dear friend of mine. Late one afternoon, as we sat on the stoep watching the water buffalo drink from the water, my friend threw me a curve ball. “You are never doing ‘nothing’”, she declared. I admit to […]

14 January

Owning our story – why we need to fall in love with our story

  For a view on storytelling in organisations, see my other post The power of storytelling.  Come then, and let us pass a leisure hour in storytelling, and our story shall be the education of our heroes  — Plato Let’s talk about storytelling in the context of our own lives. We tell stories every day […]

18 November

Five ways to cultivate your inner optimist

  Happiness is a word that captures a broad range of emotions. One researcher in this area, Barbara Fredrickson, includes ten emotions – joy, awe, gratitude, love, serenity, interest, hope, pride, amusement and inspiration. I love this broad definition as it provides a gateway into a deeper discussion on how we bring more happiness into […]

8 November

Happiness doesn’t come from a pay rise

  The modern mantra is that happiness and success will come from hard work. So we work harder, longer hours and travel more. We see less of our family and friends but we get that promotion. That promotion supports overseas holidays where we are too tired to appreciate where we are. The pay rise affords […]