4 August

Why your late night emails are a problem for your team

  We live in a world of unprecedented opportunity and we are brought up being told that life’s rewards will be ours if we work hard. This is all supported by the discourse in the media and in politics. Last year, a well-known UK politician told the British public that “there’s only one growth strategy: […]

28 June

Four lessons from a digital detox weekend

Having been in the tech sector since its early days (I learnt assembly code at university and was proud owner of one of the early Hotmail email accounts in the mid 90s), I’ve developed some good boundaries with technology. I never do emails on holiday, on the weekend or after 7pm in the evening. I […]

30 May

6 Ways to Reinforce Trust in teams

This post first appeared as a guest post on Insurance Innovation Reporter in October 2013. In a recent conversation, a CIO expressed frustration with the lack of collaboration and cohesion in his leadership team. “They are great at getting things done within their own teams,” he told me, “but really poor at working together as […]

23 April

Canaries in the mine – Why candid conversations really matter

  I was talking with a CEO about his staff engagement survey that he runs on an annual basis. The recent results were poor and in fact, he and his team were rather shocked by the strong negative themes coming from the results. I asked about the company mission and how that was being communicated. […]

5 December

The impact of real leadership – and why we need a new definition

  In a recent conversation over tapas in Barcelona, I got into a heated discussion about who was responsible for the deadlock in the US government.  It took me several minutes to realise that the way I was using the term “leadership” was very different to that of my colleague. For him, Obama was the […]

16 October

The power of storytelling

  “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou Aristotle’s model of influence balances the use logic (logos), emotional connection (pathos) and personal credibility (ethos) to persuade others. The tech industry has an excellent ability to highlight and expand of […]