28 September

Why the word ‘fine’ is bad for your relationships

There are few words so inadequate in the English language as ‘fine’ and ‘nice’. ‘Nice’ usually occurs as an adjective where is does less damage than ‘fine’. “What shall I get from the shops?” “How about some nice bread for lunch?” “Nice bread? You mean instead of the shitty bread that I usually buy?” Read […]

28 June

Four lessons from a digital detox weekend

Having been in the tech sector since its early days (I learnt assembly code at university and was proud owner of one of the early Hotmail email accounts in the mid 90s), I’ve developed some good boundaries with technology. I never do emails on holiday, on the weekend or after 7pm in the evening. I […]

10 December
30 October

Are you lost?

I find solace and inspiration in equal mix in poetry. It’s hard to go looking for poems that become your favourites. They seem to find you. This was shared by a friend last month in a conversation where we spoke about finding meaning and sense in live. It’s a poem that begs to be read out loud. […]

4 September

Quote for the week from Wayne Dyer

  “We must bask in the magnificence of what is seen and sensed, instead of always memorizing and categorizing.”  

23 June

Before I die….

This picture was taken in London by a talented friend of mine, Michal Dzierza. Check out the wonderful TED talk by the artist behind the original idea of a wall such as this. Candy Chang talks briefly and eloquently about the power of public spaces and how we can use them to encourage us to […]

4 February

Why flexibility matters

I love this probably apocryphal story about flexibility. There are times we get to resolutely stick in being right, that we can’t see any other perspective.   An armada of the US Navy was engaged in naval exercises off the coast of Canada when the following radio exchange as recorded:   #1 “Please divert your […]

12 January

Bringing in the new year

  January is a month where many people I know abstain from drink and other vices and make a run at other resolutions made with the best will post the Christmas excess. I’m not one for making new years resolutions. I decided many years ago that my spectacular failure to achieve almost any resolutions made […]

4 December

The gift of the common cold – a reminder to take care

I am reminded this week of the delicate dance between the body and me and that I ignore my body at my peril. I’ve learnt in recent years that we are all a sum of body, soul and mind – even if it feels like it’s mostly the mind in charge. I’ve also realized at […]

1 July

Lessons from a Jack Russell – what my dog gets right in his philosophy on life

  I have a 5-year old Jack Russell terrier. He’s a terrific companion with seemingly endless energy and a positive outlook on life. Watching him sunbathe in the garden last week, it occurred to me that he has some great habits that are worth adopting. Here are a few of them that I believe translate from […]