30 August

Here’s to the revolutionaries!

  Don’t tell my mother but I’ve joined the revolutionaries. I’ve signed up to the movement/campaign called the Work Revolution. Their manifesto aligns to much with what I believe is important and what influences what I am doing. The Work Revolution movement is about designing life-giving places to work.  The Work Revolution campaign believes business exists […]

12 August

The case for blasting through your comfort zone

  I’ve been thinking about edges and comfort zones. You know those places that feel unnerving and uncomfortable. Those places we spend a time and energy avoiding. Last week, a friend Chris completed 6 off-road marathons over six days in Iceland. He’d been training since last winter and in his last training week, ran 100 […]

5 August

How happy are you at work?

  Last week, I had dinner with a smart, talented and funny friend of mine. He arrived at dinner with a dark cloud hanging over him. On exploring with him what was going on, it was clear he wasn’t happy at work. He’s part of a startup where he feels undervalued, and not supported. Deadlines […]

19 July

The happy planet index – a new measure of what really matters for a country’s citizens

  I survived the financial crisis. I was working in financial services when the crisis hit. Within months, several of our  clients had ceased to exist. I feared for my job and the future of the company. That chapter of my life and the company I worked for has a happy ending. Both survived. Time […]

15 July

Feedback – the secret ingredient in your career

  Feedback is essential to our own personal growth yet is often overlooked. This is the first of two blog posts discussing two distinct types of feedback that can be the secret sauce to your career.  “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” Kenneth Blanchard Whether positive or negative, solicited or not, feedback can provide vital […]

8 July

What research into successful marriages can teach us about high-performing teams

  In the late 80s, the secret to a successful marriage was unlocked. John Gottman’s research showed that the difference between couples who flourished and those who did not was the balance between positive to negative interactions – and that this magic ratio was 5:1. For every unpleasant remark, for every negative thought and disappointment, […]

24 June

How to build trust in teams – by showing up fully as yourself

  It perplexes me just how much we leave of ourselves at the door when we go to work. We put on our serious grown-up faces, as we get dressed and play that role for much of the day. Have you ever watched young children role-playing as grown-ups? It’s all in the serious mask they […]

13 June

Celebrating failure – the gift that keeps on giving

  I love Churchill’s quote about failure: “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” How is it possible to do that? It’s possible if we take the opportunity to learn from the experience. Failure is a lens through which we can look at our lives. It’s […]

10 June

The holy grail of balancing work and life

  In almost every coaching relationship, the topic of balancing life and work comes up at some point. Sometimes it’s the goal of the client. Other times it becomes obvious that the lack of balance is getting in the way of other goals. This imbalance between our work and our personal lives has a huge […]

20 May

Protecting our humanity in the face of technological progress

  Jung predicted man’s struggle with humanity in the face of industrialisation. He wrote eloquently about the rise of depression resulting from us struggling to redefining our self-worth having lost our sense of purpose to the rise of the machines. A century later, we face another wave of technological change that will surely deeply impact […]