Coaching in the corporate

Leading the team can be exhilarating. You are in a position to effect real change within the firm. Decisions you make have a direct impact on staff and your customers. But at times, it may feel like your team needs something else. From my own experience, I know you will recognise some of these scenarios:

  • The business is booming but you’re seeing signs of serious strain in certain individuals
  • You have someone new to the management team who has to make difficult changes and you are unsure how to support them
  • You’ve brought in a talented person onto the team but that person has limited management experience or who’s more lone ranger than team player
  • You have a team of brilliant individuals who appear unable to work as a team
  • You have a strained relationship with your board

If any of these situations match your world, then coaching could be beneficial. Coaching has been successfully used to support development of high-potentials and ensure the team taps into their full leadership potential. The results include better communication and collaboration, more motivated and engaged staff. For those new to management, coaching is a great way to enhance “executive polish” and help the technical expert become a senior leader.

Top areas that people engage me as their coach include developing high potentials, or supporting a transition and to act as a sounding board. Improving an executive’s ability to motivate and inspire can really make a difference in his or her overall effectiveness.

Working together, I will develop a unique package to address your challenges that reflects the people involved, and the unique characteristics of your organisation and context. Coaching is by nature a high-touch personalised development tool and a program can be crafted to your unique requirements. 

Get in touch to talk through how coaching create the impact for you and your team.