Executive coaching

My passion and focus is coaching leadership – anyone in or stepping into a leadership role. Companies seldom need more technology or process to get that “edge”. What makes the difference is how the senior team leads. And what influences that is the leadership competencies of this team. Strong leadership teams translate directly into powerful company results.

What would it be like to have all members of your team operating at their full potential? Is there room for improved communication? Are there folk who could be better at time management? What if you could improve interpersonal skills? This is all possible with the application of coaching to your business.

I offer several packaged coaching bundles that address common challenges of my clients. A few are listed below and many more are possible.

The Real360 What is it? With the application of a powerful 360 evaluation tool, the individual will get insight into how others in the  organisation view them. The assessment will highlight the leadership strengths and identify areas for growth.

Who would benefit? This is relevant for development of talent within the team. It’s equally applicable for staff who could benefit with more data about how they are showing up at the office.

What’s the upside? With the new insights into their behaviour, the individual can make conscious choices on the impact they are having. More awareness will translate into more motivated staff.

How long will this take? Three to four months

Client testimonials for the Real360:

“It was a profound learning, confirmed my inner direction and longer term intent and gave me much needed affirmation and clarity.” Head of Strategy, Insurance Company

“Working with Catherine was an engaging and enjoyable experience. Within very few sessions and focusing on Catherine’s leadership program, we were able to identify topics for further discussion and develop a powerful and easy to implement plan for improvement…”  Global head of strategy and innovative propositions


The first 100 Days What is it?  This is an intensive coaching bundle that supports your new hire through the first 100 days in office. The individual will get weekly power coaching sessions over the period of four months. During these sessions, I will create a space to process the information, to prioritise what needs to be done, and to discuss stakeholder management. This bundle includes the coach shadowing the individual in select meetings to provide an outside view of team dynamics. See me as the trusted advisor getting the new leader on board in the new role in an effective manner.

Who would benefit?  Anyone embarking on a new senior role.

What’s the upside? The cost of failure – the new hire leaving within six months – to the organisation is high. Providing a coach to support the transition to a new senior role or company can significantly increase the success of that appointment.

How long will this take? Four months