Coaching is a new field and as a result, people can have questions about how it works. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions I get and the answers.

New to coaching?

Coaching is not a one-size fits all profession. Different coaches may use different models blend this with skills and techniques from other areas such as somatics, NLP, or psychometrics. My approach holds the client-coach relationship as a partnership and we work to help you discover your own answers rather than being told. I hold that this makes the client more committed and motivated to change.

Why choose coaching?

Coaching is a place for you to explore what matters to you.Are you feeling stuck? Or do you have too much going on and don’t know how to cope? Is your work life balance out of balance? Are you at a point where you wonder if this is all there is to life?If you have any of these questions, coaching is the perfect place to explore your options to move forward.

Some of the coaching outcomes that people achieve are Increased levels of self-awareness, insight and confidence, improved productivity and personal contribution, improved emotional, social and systems intelligence, fine tuning decision making skills, reducing stress, communicating more powerfully and effectively in all situations, improved working relationships, credibility, and influence with the other senior level executives, applying leadership style to influence others to get the results you want.

What can I expect from coaching?

Coaching is a catalyst to make a change in your life. It can greatly enhance your work performance, job satisfaction and motivation. The outcomes and goals of the relationship are set by you – after all, this is all about you.

In our work together, we will help you become more self-aware and know your impact on others. We will uncover your values and take a measure of how your life/career enables you to honour these.  We will work together to create a vision for what you want out of life. We will then identify the steps you need to take and the support you need to fly.

What are the benefits of coaching?

There are a wide range of benefits as shown in several research studies. These include better goal setting and achievement, increased satisfaction with life/work, lower stress levels, increased self-confidence, enhanced communication skills and improvement in quality of life.

How does coaching work?

Coaching is a partnership between you and me. I am not a mentor or an advisor. I believe you are creative, resourceful and whole and that coaching will help you find your own answers. And because you have discovered them, you will be more committed and motivated to make changes. We will work together in a safe, non-judgmental, confidential place where you can freely discuss any aspect of your life.

Tell me more about the sessions

After an initial 90 minute discovery session, we will have two 45 minute sessions in a month. This can be on the phone or face-to-face in central London. For most clients, two sessions a month works really well. But we can design this to suit your goals and requirements.

Is this therapy?

No, although coaching can be therapeutic. Coaching supports personal and professional growth and development and is forward moving and future focused. Therapy deals with healing pain, dysfunction and conflict from the past that hampers an individual’s emotional health in the present.

How long does a coaching relationship last?

There are no hard and fast rules. Relationships can last between four and nine months, or over a year. The speed at which you reach the goals depends on a variety of factors including your willingness and commitment to change, your ability to manage your inner critic, and how resilient you are.