Team and partnership coaching

Team coaching is a very different approach to coaching individuals. The details matter less (although if you are curious, just ask!) than knowing it is about applying the right tools/skills for what is needed.

Team coaching is aimed at working with two or more people in relationship. Many of the challenges that my individual clients face are how to be in better relationships with others. This could be business partners, leadership teams or management boards. It also includes people who are thrown together for a common purpose like the Chair and CEO, or board of trustees.

When might you consider a team coach? A team coach is able to have an impact in any of the following situations:

The team is going through change and need help making that work;

The team is silo’d and not thinking of the larger organisation;

A feature of the team is poor decision making;

The team lacks respect, trust and positivity;

The team are poor at communicating;

The team are stuck, unhappy and stagnating;

The team are in unhealthy conflict with each other.

How would this coaching work? I will work with the sponsor and the team to make an assessment of what is going on, as well as identify what the team want with regards to outcomes. Based on this understanding, I will propose a coaching plan that outlines the frequency of workshops, length of the engagement and pricing.

This type of coaching is also invaluable for the beginning of things like new relationships, new projects, or a business venture. It is not often we take the time, or even know how to consciously design the way we work together at the beginning of new relationships/ventures.

If any of this resonates or you are just curious, drop me a line and let us have a conversation.