What do you want from 2017?

If you are like many of my clients, you have little time to think about this and probably wouldn’t even know where to begin if you did. What if someone where to create a space for you to think deeply about your vision for next year? I’m offering time to do just this – a whole day of thinking and planning for 2017. Your vision day.

What is a Vision day?

This is an intensive one-day coaching session for leaders who want to get clear on their own personal vision or the vision for their team / company. This dedicated time provides the unique opportunity for accelerated thinking and planning for the future. The day is about getting clear on what matters to you, what actions and steps you need to take to make this happen, and committing to this. We cannot underestimate the value of dedicated time out the office, away from email and meetings for focused thinking on what matters to you.

What can I expect on the day?

This is a fun, interactive, and intensive exploration about you and your vision for the coming months.  Over the course of the day we will explore various questions and you will experience exercises designed to give you the foundation for a meaningful action plan. My process uses cutting edge leadership psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence to help you accelerate yourself as a human being and a leader.

We will explore what energises you and what keeps you awake at night. We will get clear on your values and who is on this journey with you. With my support, you will create an inspiring action plan to take you forward.

What do I get from this day?

This day will provide clarity on what really matters to you – your bigger vision and passion – and get you committed and excited about this. The outcome will be an action plan that has you feeling excited about the future. You will get clear on your destination, find the right map for that destination, and have a turbo charge boost from this day of powerful self-reflection.

This day is founded on key principles of commitment and accountability and we will agree a post session call four to six weeks later to create space to talk through your progress.

Who would benefit from this?

Leaders who want to get clear on their personal vision or their vision for their team/company. This includes founders/owners who want to get clear about where they are taking the company and realise the mission of the business.

There is empirical evidence for the effectiveness of three coaching tools: accountability, commitment, and writing down one’s goals. In a recent study, more than 70 % of the participants who sent weekly updates to a friend reported successful goal achievement compared to 35 % of those who kept their goals to themselves, without writing them down.

Writing down you goals matters! And this day is designed to help you do just that.

The logistics

There are two options of location: – London City (Square Mile) or East Hampshire (1 hour from Waterloo station).  You choose which one suits you best.

The day will run from 10:00 to 5:00 with a break for lunch. Times can flex to your needs. There is some pre-work required to get you thinking and in the right frame of mind for the day. As part of the important step of accountability, we will arrange a post session call four to six weeks later to create space for you to talk through your progress.

Why work with me? Here are some client perspectives

“With a great sense of empathy, intellect and humour, she helped me increase my level of self-awareness. As a result, I have more clarity, purpose and confidence in my decisions-taking, and I am tapping my intuition much more strategically – like an asset” Jan-Phillippe Kruip, CEO Fitsense

“Catherine’s ‘magic’ has certainly helped me unlock the unlockable and move in a new direction and reach places I have not been before.” Michael Harris, Group head of IT, Tokio Marine Kiln

“With Catherine, everything seems natural and with such logical wisdom it is almost as if this has been her lifelong calling. I can say without the slightest hesitation that her coaching can truly inspire better performing, happier leadership teams. I am a better person in the workplace because of Catherine. She is truly special.” Charlie Hanna, Account executive, Hyland Software

“Coaching with Catherine is like having a discussion with a friend who genuinely tries to understand the real me and help try to connect the external world to my core values. Through working with her, I’ve built trust with my colleagues which has been a critical step in my career” Gobi Rajaram, Chief Product Officer, Lebara

“Catherine enabled me and my business partner to develop our proposition, deal with our anxieties and find our brand essence. The process enabled is to voice our fears in a supportive environment and got us to a much bolder braver place than we would have reached without her. ” Jo Hind, Founder of Birdsoup


If this Vision day sounds like what you need to kick start the new year, drop me an email and let’s get started.